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Ciao Bella

When you meet Ciao Bella, you’ll agree that her name fits her purrfectly! She’s as much of a stunner as her brother, Oscar the Floof, with the same long silky black fur and lovely green gold eyes. Ciao Bella is initially shyer than her brother but still welcomes all the pets and scratches you want to give her. Once she’s comfortable in her surroundings, she’ll love being brushed and you’ll hear her contented purring while doing so.

Like her brother with whom she’s bonded, senior sweetheart Ciao Bella will do best in a quiet home with an owner who will have to time to give her lots of love and enjoy hearing her purrs when she’s being groomed. Ciao Bella is FIV/FeLV negative, up to date with vaccinations for her age, flea treated, microchipped, dewormed, and spayed. Her birthday is 11/23/09.


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