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Jimi is a handsome and silky tuxedo. His brooding eyes may ask, “why so serious?”, but his soul is saying, “please play with me, and be patient with me.” Jimi is a quiet, intelligent, and entertaining boy who spends his time chasing after plush toy wands, pushing the light-up ball on his blue scratcher track, lapping up Churu and Temptations treats, kneading and purring in his bed, dipping his paw in the water bowl, and sitting at a sunny window.

Somewhat eccentric, it is his quirky behavior that has his foster mother laughing in stitches, such as the time he scooped his wet food with a paw and raised it so it would fall in to his mouth, like a scene of the Romans eating grapes in their togas.

Jimi has lived with, and gotten along with, several other cats in foster homes; he truly enjoys the company of other cats. Jimi marches to the beat of his own drum, and opens his heart slowly if you give him the time to know and trust you. At less than a year old, that means he has his whole life to become a part of yours. At this time, we think this special boy would do best in a calm home with other kitties to play with, with patient adopters who will give him the time to settle in and feel safe.

This month it’s all about Fall Fundraising, Friendship, and a new TNR Queen! Check out our latest video starring Rebecca Smith, Leanne Puia, and our resident crazy cat lady, Debbie Mazella!

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