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Kitty Corner & Kennel Club


No blue suede shoes on this feline Elvis Presley; just soft velvety gray paws that match the rest of his beautiful gray coat and a little white bib to complete his good looks. Elvis is a bit shy and will find some hiding places in his new home until he gets comfortable in his surroundings. Once he’s sure he’s home, he will be very happy to join you on the couch or your bed for cuddles and to curl up next to you for the evening. No longer a crazy kitten, Elvis is still playful and especially loves his feather wand toy. Elvis and his sister Taylor are bonded siblings who would do well in a quiet home together.

This month it’s all about Fall Fundraising, Friendship, and a new TNR Queen! Check out our latest video starring Rebecca Smith, Leanne Puia, and our resident crazy cat lady, Debbie Mazella!

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society events

Magic 98.3’s “Kitty Corner and Kennel Club” is sponsored by Katie’s Pet Depot, on Route 130 in North Brunswick!