Tarot Tuesday

Hello, this is Debra from Golden Bee Tarot and Reiki. Welcome to the October 5th edition of Tarot Tuesday! This month we will be receiving our guidance from the Sugar Skull Tarot by David Ross and Carolina Martinez.

It’s time now to close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a count of four then slowly release your breath. When you feel calm and centered, open your eyes and connect with the cards. Choose the one you feel most drawn to, or perhaps two cards for deeper wisdom. Now that you’ve chosen your card, let’s take a look at the reveal.

1. The Chariot:  A new month brings new opportunities for you to attain your goals!  If you picked The Chariot you are getting a green light from the Universe.  This isn’t a time to hold back or be timid.  Rather, you need to take the reins and steer towards exactly what you desire.  Know that you have everything you need to move ahead.  Set your sights on the prize and have confidence in your abilities.  You’re in the driver’s seat this week so there’s really nothing that can stop you from achieving your objective.  Aim for that gold ring and guide yourself to victory.

2. Judgment:  The Judgment card represents an awakening and this week you are ready to respond to the trumpet’s call.  This is the moment when you see the truth from a completely objective point of view.  You now recognize the patterns and see how your previous decisions have affected your life.  By viewing your choices through a lens of neutrality, you are capable of seeing yourself for who you really are.   A moment of transformation is at hand.  It’s time to shed the past.  Know that rebirth is possible when you choose to live from a place of authenticity.

3. The Wheel of Fortune:  The winds of fate are blowing through your life this week, sweeping you up in their flow. The Wheel of Fortune signifies a period when your actions set off a sequence of events that brings a profound shift.  Luck is on your side at this time, so don’t resist the turn of the wheel.  Instead, adapt to where you are in this moment and seize any opportunities that come your way.  Awareness of life’s cyclical nature is key to navigating this period of flux.  You are being presented with a rare chance to alter your destiny.  Take a chance and seize the moment.

Thank you so much for joining me. I’ll see you next week!  For more information or to book an appointment visit www.goldenbeetarot-reiki.com.