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We think Marv is really a teddy bear masquerading as a big brown tabby boy! This gentle giant traded in his challenging life outside for a calmer and more peaceful life indoors after a local resident found him with a big wound on his face. KCZD volunteers came to the rescue, and with love, compassion, and lots of patience, Marv got the surgery he needed and was nursed back to health. Since then, he’s been loving life indoors with all the snuggles and wet meatz he can eat!

Marv absolutely adores being with humans and is the welcoming committee with all visitors, flirting and showing himself off to coax some pets and love from anyone willing to give it. A great day for Marv is to find a favorite spot to lay in the sun to watch the world go by, which is how he earned the nickname “the chillaxer”. At night, you can find Marv sleeping at the foot of the bed, where he politely waits for the alarm to go off before he comes in for his morning head rub and cuddles. For play time, he loves the laser pointer, string toys, and chasing balls.

Marv would do best in a home where he can be king of the castle, as he doesn’t like to share his snuggle time with other animals.

This month it’s all about Fall Fundraising, Friendship, and a new TNR Queen! Check out our latest video starring Rebecca Smith, Leanne Puia, and our resident crazy cat lady, Debbie Mazella!

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