Tarot Tuesday

Hello, this is Debra from Golden Bee Tarot and Reiki. Welcome to the September 7th edition of Tarot Tuesday! This month we will be receiving our guidance from the Moon BB Magick Tarot by Angela Mary Magick.

It’s time now to close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a count of four then slowly release the breath. When you feel calm and centered, open your eyes and connect with the cards. Choose the one you feel most drawn to, or perhaps two cards for deeper wisdom. Now that you’ve chosen your card, let’s take a look at the reveal.

1. Queen of Waves (Inner Life):  If you chose this card, you are being guided to tend to your emotions this week.  The Queen of Waves is both empathetic and empathic.  This is energy that is fully connected to feelings and intuition.  It invites you to explore your depths and then use what you discover to bring healing to yourself and your relationships.  Probing your emotional landscape can sometimes be overwhelming as you may have to confront some long buried sentiments.  But it is worth it because the truths you discover pave the way for deeper emotional connection.

2. The Fool (Wild):  The Fool card appears this week the day after the new moon in Virgo.  The message is clear.  It’s time to take the leap into the wild unknown.  This is a period for new phases and fresh starts.  While it can be daunting to take the first step into unfamiliar territory, it’s a necessary part of your soul’s growth.  Make the decision to view this journey through a beginner’s mind.   The Fool represents unlimited, untapped potential.  Trust that wherever you are being led is ultimately meant for your greatest good. Keep your mind and heart open to every experience you encounter.

3.  Five of Waves (Grieve):  There are times in life when each of us faces painful circumstances.  Loss is an inevitable part of the human condition.  If you chose the Five of Waves, you are being invited to acknowledge your suffering and allow yourself to express your grief so you can begin to heal.  It is important for you to process your pain so you can reach a place of acceptance.  Letting go of your disappointment will help you to see that all is not lost.  You can choose to pick up what is left.  Use it to take back your power and shift your focus.

It’s time to release your hurt so you can move forward. Thank you so much for joining me. I’ll see you next week!  For more information or to book an appointment visit www.goldenbeetarot-reiki.com.