We had just moved into our new house about a month prior to the 9/11 attacks, and I was just a few months away from starting the Morning Show at Magic 98.3. At the time I was doing an afternoon show, so I was doing some work around the house that morning. I wasn’t online, I wasn’t watching TV, I wasn’t listening to the radio, and I had no idea that a plane had hit the North tower at 8:46. Minutes after the attack, I recall standing in the kitchen when our painter showed up and asked, “Did you hear?” I had no idea what she was talking about; she told me that she had heard on the radio that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. We immediately turned on the TV and saw the burning tower. Like most people, I remember thinking it was an accident. It was about a minute later when I saw the second plane crash into the South Tower. I honestly don’t remember what I immediately thought then. I was glued to the TV all morning and then…the collapse. Shocked, numb, and in disbelief…how could this happen? Eventually I headed to work. While everyone else was driving home to be with their families, I was driving to work to talk about it on the air with shocked and scared listeners, many of whom had friends or family in the city. It’s easy to remember where we were, it’s difficult to truly recall the way we felt. What do you remember?

Joel Katz – “Joel and Maryann in the Morning”