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Kitty Corner & Kennel Club


Snowflake is an incredibly handsome house panther kitten! He’s a big fan of wrestling (both the professional kind and the roughhousing-with-his-siblings kind) and he loves all kinds of toys. Snowflake spends his days running around looking for friends to play with and humans to snuggle with. This boy plays hard and snuggles harder – after a lot of play with stick toys, kicker toys, laser pointers, and pretty much any other toy he can get his paws on, he’s down for a snuggle sesh with his people. He’s a big boy who LOOOVES his food, too, so a quick way to win his heart is with treats if you’ve got ’em. We think that Snowflake would do best in a home with another kitty friend to spend his days with

It’s always a good day when we can spend an afternoon at Karma Cat Zen Dog Rescue Society, and this time around, they had a very special surprise for Debbie Mazella! Watch our latest “Kitty Corner Kennel Club” video to see what it was, and we’re hoping you can help them reach their fundraising goal of $3,000 so they’ll be eligible for a yearly grant so they can continue the tireless rescue work in the community! Click on the “Community Thrives” link to learn more!


Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society events

Magic 98.3’s “Kitty Corner and Kennel Club” is sponsored by Katie’s Pet Depot, on Route 130 in North Brunswick!