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Luke Bryan didn’t attend the wedding of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani earlier this month (7/3), but he is brewing up a gift to give the happy couple.

Luke told People, “Blake and Gwen can expect my wedding gift with the Luke Bryan touch on it. I have started my mental wedding gift soirée. I’m going to get a big box, and there will be embarrassing items in there.”

Bryan, who has been married to his wife Caroline since 2006, says when asked if he had advice for the newlyweds, “The beauty of Gwen and Blake is they’re at the perfect age to rekindle the marriage, and they’ve both been in certainly public divorces. I don’t need to give those two any advice.”

He continued, “You can look at them and really understand and tell how much they love each other and they’re enjoying each other. Any advice is always just to talk it out and stay the way they are. I mean, all the pictures from the wedding just say everything. They were made for each other, and [though] it took them a few years to find one another, I’m just very happy that they did find each other.”

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