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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox poses backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, broadcast on May 23, 2021 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (July 12), Megan Fox told guest host Arsenio Hall that she recently went on a trip to Costa Rica with beau Machine Gun Kelly — specifically to take part in a psychedelic trip.

“Do you guys know what Ayahuasca is?” The 35-year-old actress asked the audience. To which Arsenio said, “This is Jimmy Kimmel’s audience, y’all know Ayahuasca.”

“Colson [Baker] and I went to Costa Rica to do a really deep –,” Megan began before Arsenio told the audience that Colson is MGK’s real name. The couple traveled to Costa Rica to do the psychoactive brew “in a proper setting with indigenous people,” the star continued.

Fox described her “vulnerable” experience in the middle of the jungle: she was not able to eat after 1 p.m., she walked far distances for water and was unable to shower due to a drought. She began the experience with 20 other people lined up drinking lemongrass tea until they vomited enough to move on to the night’s ceremony. She encouraged the intense experience, which lasted three nights.

On the second night, Fox recalled, “I went to hell for eternity. Just knowing eternity is torture in itself because there was no beginning, middle or end so you have a real ego death.”

Watch Megan Fox on Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

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