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Turbo is a fast moving, playful, and loving tabby who was described as “perfect” by his prior foster family. Always happy and affectionate, he has a big appetite for play time, petting, and human attention. He passes his time sitting in front of the window with his face and one paw on the ledge to watch people and cars, and feel the air on his face.

Turbo is a loyal companion and stress reliever for his foster mother by sitting next to her while she works. He also loves chasing the plush toy wand, and jumping in the bathtub to catch a sponge ball throw up in the air, even making sounds as he runs and jumps!

Turbo never turns down a wet meal, and is always trying to eat his litter mate’s bowl and so his food is split in two bowls. He also enjoys Churu and Temptations treats. His only dislike is being touched on the belly when he rolls over and will let you know nicely with his paw or mouth.
Turbo is bonded with Jimi, a silky black tuxedo.

Adopt this cat through Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society in Milltown.

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