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Kitty Corner & Kennel Club

Stunning Sophie is here to fill your camera roll with pictures! With her silky white fur with black markings, bright curious eyes, long whiskers, and cute pink nose, you’ll never get tired of snapping her photo. Sweet, and definitely the life of the party, she loves attention and is a complete CUDDLE BUG; she smiles and purrs like a motor. She’s very chatty when she wakes up, and loves wand toys and jingly balls. She loves her brother – showing him that exploring is fun and leading him into play. Sophie is bonded to her brother Jeffrey, and as such these cuties must be adopted as a pair. They snuggle together, groom each other, and if one meows the other one goes to them to make sure they’re okay. They make a lovely pair whose personalities complement each other.


Adopt this cat through Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society in Milltown.

Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society events

Magic 98.3’s “Kitty Corner and Kennel Club” is sponsored by Katie’s Pet Depot, on Route 130 in North Brunswick!