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Gabby Barrett was a highlight of this year’s Billboard Awards, which played out in late May, and she was the only country artist to appear on the show and accept her awards.

Now that Gabby has had some time for it all to sink in, she told us about that night, “I had never been a part of an award show that was all-genre across the board and to be the most nominated female that was just crazy.”

She continued, “I was excited to go in there and represent country music and everything that it stands for. And to come home with three awards was pretty darn cool.”

Barrett also got to give the speech that she’s been rehearsing since she was a little girl. She offered, “That was the first time I got to go on television and give an acceptance speech. That was something that I would always literally dream about when I was younger. I would be in my room and practice what I was gonna say and look in the mirror and all that, so to actually be there all of the emotions hit me and made me very grateful to be representing country music today.”

Among Gabby’s awards for the 2021 Billboards included Top Country Female Artist and Top Country Song for “I Hope.”