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(Photo by Brent Lewin/Getty Images for UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour)

There’s nothing like having a cold one on the beach, but let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than dragging your cooler to get there.

Enter the Heineken B.O.T., aka Beer Outdoor Transporter.

The sleek little wheeled device holds 12 cans of beer, and best of all, will follow you around to your destination, like a loyal little R2-D2. Except that it stows your suds instead of smuggled plans for the Death Star.

Just give the drink droid a little “come here” motion, and it will track your path and come along with your cold brew.

The company also says the bot has a “charming A.I. personality,” and like R2, is “always down to chill.”

If you’re over 21, sign up for a chance to win one at; winners will be picked July 1.

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