This ice cream shop has taken their list of flavors to the next level. As you may have heard, thousands of cicadas are emerging this summer around New Jersey.

The Bent Spoon located in Princeton recently added “cicada chocolate chip” to the delicious menu and it quickly sold out.

“Through a wonderful Whole Earth Center connection (thanks david!) we found the most hospitable host who has had stewardship over his land for over 35 years,” The Bent Spoon shared to Facebook. “Matt & I went, and with the help of the land owner, we (maybe three days too late?) were able to get just enough cicadas to make a VERY special flavor. It took many, many days and a whole lot of magic to turn those special creatures into “cicada chocolate chips” for ice cream!”

It was reported by the Patch that the owners used a protein powder and a vanilla bean ice cream as the base for the cicada chocolate chip flavor. Please note, you can only eat cicadas who have shed their exoskeleton.

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