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It’s no secret that Kane Brown has been working on a new album to follow up the Mixtape Vol. 1 project, and he just shared a new song with fans on his social media.

Yesterday (6/20), Kane shared an unreleased new song demo on Instagram. The new track finds Brown singing that he is going to love his wife Katelyn till he can’t love her anymore, even through heartbreak and laughter, he will always love her no matter what.

While the title of the song is unclear, the chorus sings, “I’m going to love you, want you, hold you, need you / like the waves that gently kiss the shore / girl if the world was ending and it all stopped spinning / we lost everything from roof to floor / through heartbreak and laughter / however many chapters / one thing that I know for sure / is I’m going to love you, till I can’t love you anymore.”

Kane posted to Instagram, “I can’t love you anymore 🎶 tag your other half.”

Kane Brown