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Tarot Tuesday

Hello, this is Debra from Golden Bee Tarot and Reiki. Welcome to the June 1st edition of Tarot Tuesday! Our guidance is coming from the Modern Witch Tarot by Liminal 11.

This week I asked the cards what themes will be coming forward this month. Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a deep breath in through your nose, pause for a count of four then slowly release the breath.

When you are ready, open your eyes and connect with the cards. Choose the one you feel most drawn to, or perhaps two cards for deeper insight. Now that you’ve chosen your card, let’s take a look at the reveal.

1. Eight of Swords: Most of June will be dominated by Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini, which will impact communication and muddle minds. The Eight of Swords reflects the frustration you may be feeling. You are stuck in your head, with thoughts swirling around and no way to properly express them. You could be feeling hemmed in by self defeating, negative beliefs. This isn’t the time to give in to the false perceptions that have taken hold of you. Instead, spend time in contemplation. You can release yourself by breaking through the illusions that your fear has created.

2. Five of Swords: Because there’s such an emphasis on the power of your words this month, it’s extremely important to be mindful of what you say to others and the effect your words could have. Lashing out could provoke confrontations that result in hurt feelings and damaged relationships. This is a time to think twice before you speak. When in doubt ask yourself “Is it true, is it kind or is it necessary?” If the answer is “no” then bite your tongue and keep the snarky remarks to a minimum. It’s not worth speaking out of turn to win a skirmish if you’re ultimately going to lose the war.

3. The Tower: The month of June is the height of the eclipse season, a period of rapid change and expansion. There is a strong possibility that what no longer serves a purpose in your life will make an exit in order to create space for something new. The Tower shows up this month to help you see where the foundations have crumbled. Tower energy often arrives abruptly and unexpectedly. And while it may signify a painful ending, it’s ultimate purpose is to clear out everything that is holding you back from your true calling. Clear the rubble so that you can be free to rebuild on a firmer foundation.

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you next week!  For more information or to book an appointment visit