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DJ Khaled introduces Karol G at the MTV EMA's 2020. The MTV EMA's aired on November 08, 2020.

DJ Khaled is getting dragged online for posting videos of women in bikinis twerking on a yacht during the holy month of Ramadan.

Khaled, who was raised Muslim, posted some behind-the-scenes footage of what looks like a music video shoot for his song, “Body in Motion,” featuring Lil Baby, gossip web site TMZ reports. The video he took shows off the many bikini-wearing babes dancing, focusing a lot on one individual nearby Khaled who is twerking with a bottle on top of her derriere. The issue is he posted it on Wednesday, the last day of Ramadan.

Khaled captioned his post, “Getting a lot calls and the fans asking where the #BODYANDMOTION video at , @josephkahn send me the video get to @samlecca . I’m thinking 🤔 to let go SOON , it’s on @josephkahn thoe send that ! #KHALEDKHALED #1 album in the country! LETS GO ! Oh yeah #IDIDIT VIDEO ALMOST DONE ASWELL !!!!”

Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. Both men and women are recommended to dress conservatively, meaning no tight or revealing clothing. The bikinis the women are wearing around Khaled in the video would generally not fall within those guidelines.

The comments under the BTS video Khaled posted are flooded with people pissed off he hasn’t used his platform to speak more about the situation in Palestine and instead posting something disrespectful.

One user received almost 3,000 likes after writing, “Yo khaled it’s ramadan.”

Another quipped, “Its ramadan my friend ! I think you forgot”

An Instagram user called out Khaled’s caption about getting calls from fans about the music video, “No everyone calling you to tell u to bring awareness to what’s goin on in Palestine 🇵🇸”

Another user criticized Khaled’s dedication to Islam writing, “U’re following ur religion very well bro”

For the record, Khaled recently posted about Palestine before his music video shoot behind-the-scenes, sending love and praying for world peace. But that was quickly washed away, as people are more upset about the twerking boat video posting during Ramadan.

His caption read, “Sending love ❤️ and light ☀️ and prayers 🤲🏽 to my Palestinian 🇵🇸 brothers & sisters and Everyone around the world 🌎 IM PRAYING FOR PEACE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD , PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE!🌍 ! 🤲🏽”