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Garth Brooks recently said on his weekly Studio G program on Facebook that he would love to duet with Pink! and also Luke Combs.

Garth said, of Pink!, “I love duets. P!nk’s fantastic, I like P!nk because every time you see P!nk she’s like the sweetest thing on the planet but she’s also just tougher than you are. I like that. I think that’s what every woman loves about her, I think that’s what they love about Beyonce, I think that’s what they love about Lizzo, is they’re just defiant.”

Brooks adds, “They’re not scared of anything. Adele, oh my God, what a fabulous duet partner that would be.”

Garth even talked about doing a duet with Kelly Clarkson saying, “Kelly Clarkson, I was on her show and got to sing with her, woah… that’d be scary to step up to the mic with Kelly Clarkson because she’s just a thoroughbred right. But when Kelly starts singing man you can be a mile off and still hear her. She’s got the pipes, so those would all be fun.”

As for a male duet partner, Brooks recalls his time with Blake Shelton, saying, “I loved my time with Blake. I’d do that again in a heartbeat. I’d do anything with Luke Combs. Just a sweet guy. So, yeah, there’s a lot of people I’d love to do duets with.”

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Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, May 3, 2021

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