We know this is a beloved holiday for many. So to get into the intergalactic spirit, here are some ways you can celebrate Star Wars Day 2021.

Organize a watch party!

Thanks to Disney+, it is now possible to watch every single Star Wars film plus MORE! Have a viewing party with some of your closest friends in person or via zoom!

Make Star-Wars Themed Snacks!

forget about the popcorn and candy for one day and instead, whip up some delicious treats that remind you of the beloved films. Whether it be, Yoda pancakes, Princess Leia rice bowl or Bantha blue butter sandwiches…the choice is yours!

Get Creative!

If you’re a big fan of arts and crafts, now is your time to shine! recreate some iconic props from your favorite Star Wars film.

Explore The Archives

You may have seen all the movies, but do you know all the history? Read up on some old Star Wars comics to get a better understanding of the story and learn about some new things you may have not known previously!

Make Your Own Story

Star Wars are films that transcend over time and due to this, the franchise has fans of all ages. Some may still remember seeing A New Hope for the very first time! With that being said, getting creative by creating a world inside of another is always fun! Think of some of your favorite characters and create backstories for them. Also, take the time to reflect on what the Star Wars films mean to YOU!