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Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

Everyone is looking to make Mother’s Day special considering everything moms do for us. Here are some fun and safe ways to spend your Mother’s Day in order to make it perfect for mom.

1. Breakfast In Bed

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Start the day off right by making mom her favorite meal served perfectly in bed. If you’re not the best chef,  you can always order out!

2. Go Out For Brunch or Dinner

There are plenty of restaurants that serve up Mother’s Day specials. Magic 98.3 has got you covered with the best places to go! Click here to see which restaurants are serving up delicious specials in honor of Mother’s Day.

3. Garden Together

If your mom has a magic green thumb, then this is the idea is for you! Who doesn’t love nature? Take the day to plant some beautiful greenery with her. This will not only be great on Mother’s Day, but it will last all summer long.

4. Bake Together

Some moms might want the day off from cooking or baking, but this could be fun if the entire family is involved! Try a new recipe together and give it the perfect Mother’s Day touch with a decorative look.

5. Movie Marathon

Let mom pick out some of her favorite movies! This will allow her to kick her feet up and simply enjoy. You can also binge a new show together which will last long after Mother’s Day.

6. Shopping Spree

If your mom is a big shopper, this would be her dream way to spend the day! Take her on a shopping spree, within your own budget of course, and let her get the things she wants. This makes a great gift and allows for some good old quality time together.

7. Paint and Wine Night

This is for anyone over 21-years-old! Many places allow you to paint canvases while enjoying a glass of wine for a certain price. Why not bring the fun to your own home by purchasing your very own canvas and wine for a relaxing night in! Mom will love having all the fun but from home.

8. Have a Photoshoot

If there’s one things moms love more than anything, it’s a good photo! Get the family together to take some pictures and make memories this Mother’s Day. You can always have the pictures to remember how much fun you had this year.