Tarot Tuesday

Hello, this is Debra from Golden Bee Tarot and Reiki. Welcome to the April 13th edition of Tarot Tuesday!

This week our guidance is coming from the Radiant Rider Waite Smith Tarot. Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a deep breath in through your nose, pause for a count of four then slowly release the breath. When you are ready, open your eyes and connect with the cards.

Choose the one you feel most drawn to, or perhaps two cards for deeper insight. Now that you’ve chosen your card, let’s take a look at the reveal.

 1. King of Wands: You’re still feeling the effects of the past weekend’s new moon in Aries and it’s filled you with fire and passion.  This week gives you the confidence to take on a leadership role, providing an opportunity to show off your creativity and vision.  You will have the skill and determination to make your dreams a reality and you will be able to inspire others to follow along with your ideas.  This king reaches their goal because they chart a clear course of action and maintain focus on the best possible outcome.  You know what you want, it’s time to go out and make it happen.

2. Knight of Swords: This week finds you are on a mission and nothing is going to hold you back.  You are ready to take on whatever comes your way and with your motivation at an all time high, you’re likely to achieve your objective.  The Knight of Swords is best known for making the first move and taking direct action to get what they want, so don’t hold back or second guess yourself.  This is a time to be bold and swift.  Use your intellect and single mindedness to your advantage.  You will be at your best when you take the initiative to accomplish the tasks that are set in front of you.

3.  Two of Cups: For you, the Two of Cups brings a sweet vibe to the week with its emphasis on cooperation and partnership.  You could find yourself entering into a new relationship with someone who mirrors your values and  vision of the future.  Because you complement and bring out the best in each other, there is a mutual respect that fosters a deep connection.  Your common goals create a sense of harmony that brings out the best in both parties.  This bond has the potential to grow into a lasting and fulfilling alliance because it is supportive and focused on a shared intention.

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you next week!  For more information or to book an appointment visit www.goldenbeetarot-reiki.com.