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Having your own talk show is already a lot of responsibility for one person. Now add multiple albums, appearing as a judge on 'The Voice,' and two children, River and Remington and you’ve got Kelly Clarkson!

It looks like Kelly Clarkson will be back on NBC’s The Voice on April 19 according to her posts on Instagram. Last night (4/12) Kelly posted a thank you to Kelsea Balerini for sitting in while she was ill.

She wrote, “From Kelly to Kelsea Thank you @kelseaballerini for taking care of #TeamKelly!”


A couple of hours later Kelly posted, “It’s the last night of battles on ⁦‪@NBCTheVoice‬⁩ tonight! Don’t miss it y’all! #TeamKelly #TheVoice.”

Then, two hours after that she posted a video promo of Snoop Dogg joining the show as a mentor. Clarkson wrote, “Y’all don’t want to miss @SnoopDogg with #TeamKelly next Monday on @NBCTheVoice!! #TheVoice.”

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