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Paris Hilton speaks onstage for the 2020 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Paris Hilton posted an IGTV video showing herself watch the SB127 bill get passed in Utah; it’s a bill that she helped get signed into law. This law will ban cruel and abusive treatment against children in state facilities.

Hilton says in her caption that the SB127 bill will protect “thousands of youth by banning cruel and unjust punishments, policies and treatment in youth facilities. I’m so grateful to see change occurring in Utah, and this is just the beginning.”

SB127 prohibits Utah’s youth treatment centers from certain punishments of children, such as denying food or water, spanking, hitting, or other treatments “intended to frighten or humiliate,” gossip web site TMZ reported. Hilton said this includes strip-searches, seclusion, use of chemical restraint and peer restraint and gender-based discrimination, adding that the bill does so much more to ensure the well-being of thousands of kids in these Utah facilities.

Revealing that she is a survivor herself, she promised that she would “not stop until every child is protected. No child or teen should ever have to go through any kind of abuse in one of these facilities. I’m so proud to see this bill signed into law in Utah, but our work isn’t done yet. We will be taking this issue to the FEDERAL level. I am so proud to stand up for survivors like me and I will continue to fight for all survivors until laws are enacted to protect children in every state. ♥️ #BreakingCodeSilence #SB127 #Justice”

Paris testified in February about the alleged abuse she suffered while attending Provo Canyon School as a teen in the ’90s, according to the gossip outlet.