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“Even on Zoom, people consciously and unconsciously draw conclusions about you within the first 7 seconds based on your body language,” explains Business Networking Expert, Ivan Misner, Ph.D.,  author The Connector Effect: The Proven Way to Grow Your Business Right Now.

5 Virtual Body Language Tips According to Ivan Misner:

  1. Your eye contact. The most successful business leaders in the world are known for making strong eye contact in face-to-face meetings. With Zoom however, it’s impossible to do this, but instead of looking at the screen (or at yourself), look directly into the camera so that the other people feel like you are looking straight at them.
  2. Your arm movements. Arms often give a subliminal hint that you’re not that interested in the person speaking. Folded are signify boredom while arms tucked behind your back can indicate interest. When in doubt, keep your hands out of the camera shot and down by your sides.
  3. Your facial expression. Maintain an interested facial expression. Are you smiling, or holding back a yawn? Are you showing interest? What does your face say? It should go without saying that yawning while someone is talking to you is a surefire way to shut them down immediately.
  4. Your overall look. Before you click into a virtual meeting, take a few minutes to ask yourself in the mirror, “What message am I sending to people who may be meeting me for the first time? What opinions will they have of me before I even open my mouth?” Evaluate your look from 12 inches away, about the distance you’ll be from the screen.
  5. Your feedback. On your own time, link up with a trusted friend who can give you honest and direct feedback on your virtual body language. Provide them with a checklist of the four factors discussed above. Have a 10 minute conversation while keeping in mind those factors. Then, ask them for feedback and be prepared for their honest insights.

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