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 A United jet experienced engine failure after leaving Denver International Airport . The jet turned back and made an emergency landing at the airport as debris fell over Broomfield, Colorado. Below is the conversation between the pilot and the tower.

Clip Transcript:

Flight 328: Mayday, mayday. United, uh, 28, United 328, heavy. Mayday, mayday, aircraft, uh…”

Denver Tower: “Yes, 328 heavy, say again, read all that again.”

Flight 328: “Denver, uh, departure. United 328, heavy. Mayday, aircraft, uh, just experienced engine failure, need a turn immediately.”

Denver Tower: “328, left or right turn?”

Flight 328: “Left turn.”

Denver Tower: Okay 328, turn left, heading 0-8-0.

Flight 328: Left heading 0-8-0, United 328 heavy.

Woman Calls 911 To Report Debris Falling From The Sky From A United Flight Over Denver.  Debris rained from the sky as the plane’s engine malfunctioned. Below is one of the many 911 calls that were made.

Clip Transcript:

Operator: 911. Are you calling about the airplane incident?

Caller: Yes! A piece of it just flew..just landed right in front of me!

Operator: Where is it? Where are you at?

Caller: Aspen and ..trying to think of the cross street. I’m right on the corner of Northmore Park.

Operator: Okay

Caller: It almost landed on my head!

Operator: Okay, did you see the plane?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Where is it at now?

Caller: It’s going, uh, straight west.

Operator: It’s still headed westbound. I got you. Thank you.

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