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I Care A Lot: Rosamund Pike as “Martha”. Photo Cr. Seacia Pavao / Netflix

Rosamund Pike stars in I Care A Lot, a Netflix crime-thriller that is streaming as of today. She portrays a con woman named Marla Grayson who commits guardianship fraud, targeting the elderly who are seemingly incapable of handling their life’s affairs. She claims to be a court-ordered legal guardian, who then ships them off to nursing homes while reaping their financial benefits. She famously played Gone Girl’s “cool girl” but here, she’s a cruel girl. In the trailer, Pike’s character is utterly vicious.

In the preview, Marla Grayson knocks on an old woman’s door, named Mrs. Peterson. After telling her the news that she is now under Marla’s care, she is seen being escorted to a nursing home. However, she is warned that this Jennifer Peterson is “off limits. She has very powerful friends who can make life uncomfortable for you.” This is when things start to get dodgy. Enter: Peter Dinklage’s character who is one of those “powerful friends” Marla was warned about. According to The New York Times, Dinklage plays “an inscrutable Russian gangster that gives Marla a worthy foil and the plot a reason to climax.” Rosamund Pike has been nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. You can watch the NSFW trailer here

The movie is somewhat topical, as it comes just a few weeks after the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary by The New York Times. In the documentary, we learn that Britney Spears’ conservatorship is handled by her father, Jamie Spears. He has complete access to her estate, which has been an ongoing battle to have him removed. NBC News reported the “judge’s decision to deny Britney Spears’ father increased power.” The ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny denied James Spears’ objections to sharing monetary control over the conservatorship with a financial institution.