Disney plus recently released its new hit show Wandavision. Every week a new episode comes out and with each episode, new takes on what exactly Marvel is doing come out from fans. Since we haven’t been able to stop watching either, we wanted to give our take on what some things in the show might mean.

*If you haven’t watched episode 6 yet stop reading*

First off, no one was expecting an appearance from the amazing Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver in the X-men movie franchise. After Darcy Lewis points out in the episode that Wanda has “recasted” Pietro, viewers are left wondering, is Evan Peters really Quicksilver or is he playing a different character?

With different multiverses opening up in Marvel, this might be a way to incorporate the new X-men characters and even Fantastic Four into the Marvel universe nicely. With the third Spider-man movie, expected to come out in late 2021, incorporating the multiverse into Wandavision may give a perfect gateway into the concept behind the upcoming Marvel project, which is bringing all the Spider-mans together. 

Monica in episode 5 seems to drop hints as well at bringing in an aerospace engineer to help with the Wanda situation in Westview… which might refer to the Fantastic Four’s lead man, Reed Richards. 

Episode 6 continues to drop even more Easter eggs connecting to the comics and ways for the Marvel universe to expand. For starters, we love seeing Wanda in the authentic Scarlet Witch costume for Halloween. The costumes for Halloween seem to drop plenty of hints for Marvel’s future endevors. 

Tommy and Billy dress in costumes for Wiccan and Speed, their future characters in the comics. Since they both develop powers in this episode as well, if the twins really are alive and not just Wanda’s imagination, Young Avengers may be coming to Marvel in the future. 

Monica’s own storyline continues to develop as it is confirmed her cells are rewritten and contaminated with energy from her experiences in Westview. Again, Marvel is hinting at the comics, where Monica’s character gains powers and the ability to manipulate energy. 

Although it seems like Wanda is in control, there is still no way to tell if she is the only one responsible for the events taking place in Westview, which is still a question viewers are waiting to have answered.

Whatever Marvel’s plans are, they make it hard for us to stop binging and keep us on our toes for the next episode!

– Alexa D’Aiello

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