Ever wonder what to do with pets when on vacation?

Whether you’re planning a trip for 2 days or 2 weeks, it’s important to keep your pets at home at top of mind. You’ll want to leave your furry friends behind feeling as comfortable as possible.

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Trust me, it’s not easy parting ways from your pet, especially since they usually have a sixth sense about these things. Before you’re next getaway, think about your day-to-day interactions with your pets.

Here, there are five options for what to do with pets when on vacation.

Family, Friends, or Neighbors

If you have family and friends close by or have a neighbor you trust, first, consider asking them to pet sit. It might seem like an obvious choice for what to do with pets when on vacation. If they see your pets often, it will help the transition of you leaving for a trip and upon return. This will have you know that your pet will have enough love and care during your days apart. Another plus, your animal wouldn’t have to leave the house instead of being dropped off at a specific location. You could even offer to one day pet sit for the person in return as a thank you.

Pet Sitters 

While you spend the time researching your next vacation, make sure it’s a priority to also look into official pet sitter companies near you. Professional pet sitters can be found on sites such as Pet Sitters International among many others. It is also suggested that referrals are the best way to find a reliable dog sitter. Now, depending on the services you’re looking for, prices may vary but you can get a free estimate.

Home Boarding 

Home Boarding is a popular option for animal lovers due to the fact that it’s like taking your dog to a hotel. When it comes to wanting that long-term care or one-on-one attention for your pets, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Home Boarding locations typically provide your pet with a kennel or sleeping area to stay in. Most facilities offer playtime and other option for the animal too.

Veterinary Hospitals 

It is in fact an option to consider your veterinary hospital when planning your next vacation. Luckily, vets that offer the on the side pet sitting service are already animal-oriented, love pets in general, and are medically trained if something were to come up. Your best bet is to get in contact with your local veterinarian hospital and ask any question that comes to mind.

Boarding Kennels 

Taking care of your pets doesn’t stop when you’re away. Choosing the right boarding kennel for the animals in your life is important for many reasons. Some benefits of making a reservation at a boarding kennel near you is the interaction and companionship promised to your pets as well as the safety and well-being. However, everyone is encouraged to check out specific boarding kennels’ certifications, programs, safety guidelines, and even take a tour beforehand to verify your decision.