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A new survey by TrueCar reveals that the average parent yells ‘brake’ five times while instructing their teen on how to drive. Other findings:

– the average parent taps a non-existent brake in the passenger seat six times while attempting to teach their teen how to drive.

– 16% of parents say parallel parking is the toughest thing to teach their teen driver

TOP DRIVING LESSON MISHAPS …  According to a new survey by TrueCar 

Didn’t check my mirrors 32%

Didn’t check all directions before moving into traffic  25%

Cut tight corners 24%

Forgot turn signals 23%

Easily distracted 22%

Played with the radio/music too much 22%

Didn’t brake early enough 20%

Drove too fast  18%

Sped up too quickly after a stop 16%

Stopped too hard 13%

Too many tries to parallel park 11%

Distracted by my phone 9%

Tailgated 8%

Drove too slow 6%

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