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Kelly Clarkson’s estranged husband Brandon Blackstock has denied claims that, as her talent agent, he defrauded her.

Blackstock has filed a formal response denying all of the allegations and purported causes of action in Clarkson’s petition, which she filed back in October.

Clarkson’s petition accused Starstruck Management of violating California Labor Code and charging exorbitant commission fees. Starstruck claims they are not subject to regulation under the Talent Agencies Act — which Clarkson claimed in her filing — because they did not perform their duties in California. They further deny that Clarkson is entitled to any relief whatsoever.

Clarkson’s attorney released a statement to ET Online on Tuesday addressing the response: “We stand by our allegations that Starstruck violated the Talent Agencies Act, despite their boilerplate denials, and we look forward to trying the case before the Labor Commissioner in August.”

In September, when Starstruck Management Group filed a lawsuit against Clarkson claiming that she owed them more than $1.4 million in unpaid commissions, Clarkson filed a countersuit, claiming that Starstruck Management Group violated the California Labor Code by “procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to procure employment or engagements” without being properly licensed.”

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