(Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

Muppet fans have another reason to rejoice today, the Fraggle Rock reboot series has begun shooting. The children’s series created by legendary Muppet-master Jim Henson first debuted on HBO in 1983, with five seasons airing before Henson decided to end the series in 1987.

John Boyega and Robert De Niro are teaming up for a new Netflix film called “The Formula”. The new film is about an upcoming Formula One race star who is forced to be a getaway driver to save his family. An official release date for the movie has not confirmed yet.

Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend, Ana de Armas, was allegedly upset after Jennifer Garner reportedly banned her from the family’s holiday celebrations. She expected to spend Christmas with Ben and his family, but she was banned from the festivities, which hurt.  Not letting her come to their first Christmas celebration was the last straw. Ana got into a huge argument with Ben over it. She told him that if he doesn’t stand up to his ex , it’s over.

Martha Stewart paid tribute to the late Larry King yesterday by revealing that they once went on a dinner date. “We went out on a dinner date. I thought it was a business date but it turns out it was sort of a dinner date.”

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