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The Daily Mail says 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski was in a secret nine-month relationship with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Jane’s representative says,  “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise.  She is, however, in full fledged fantasy relationships with Brad Pitt, Rege-Jean Page and Kermit the Frog and welcomes any and all coverage on those.”

Netflix is going to launch a Masked Singer-style dating show where singles will flirt while in costumes.  All potential lovers will attempt to find “the one” while wearing an elaborate mask of a strange fantasy beast.

HBO is developing a new ”Game of Thrones” series called “Tales of Dunk and Egg.”  The events take place 90 years prior to the events depicted in ”Game of Thrones.”

Fans of Riverdale are rejoicing over the news that Season 5 is now available on Netflix . Due to the pandemic, Season 4 had to be cut short but will be included in Season 5, so fans can expect more episodes. All of the main characters will be returning.

Bridgerton got a second season renewal.  They’ll be introducing new characters.

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