Tarot Tuesday

Hello, this is Debra from Golden Bee Tarot and Reiki. Welcome to the January 12th edition of Tarot Tuesday! Our guidance is coming from the True Heart Intuitive Tarot by Rachel True.

This week I asked the cards for advice around tomorrow’s new moon in Capricorn. Close your eyes and center yourself. Take a deep breath in through your nose, then slowly exhale through your mouth.

When you are ready, open your eyes and connect with the cards. Choose the one you feel most drawn to, or perhaps two cards for deeper insight. Now that you’ve chosen your card, let’s check out the reveal!

1. Queen of Swords:  Much like the sign of Capricorn, the Queen of Swords takes a no-nonsense approach to life, especially in the realm of communication.  This queen does not mince words.  Rather, they use their sword to cut through the fluff and get straight to the heart of the matter.  Bear in mind that this energy can come across as harsh.  This week, do your best to think before you speak and temper your words with kindness.

2. The Emperor:  The new moon in Capricorn encourages you to get grounded and embrace a disciplined perspective.  The energy of the Emperor can assist by guiding you to step into your power and then wield it responsibly.  The Emperor advises a measured approach in all things.  This is an opportunity to show your leadership skills by setting clear rules, encouraging fair-mindedness, and setting a positive example.

3. Eight of Pentacles:  Some of Capricorn’s best qualities are their desire to work hard and maintain focus. The Eight of Pentacles is the embodiment of those standards.  It exemplifies determination and an eye for craftsmanship.  If you chose this card, this is an opportunity for you to utilize this new moon’s vibe to delve deep into your work and create something of lasting value. With consistent effort, achieving your goal is assured.

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you next week! For more information or to book an appointment visit www.goldenbeetarot-reiki.com.

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