(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Need to find some type of job to bring in cash, get creative!  Shoji Morimoto, a 37-year-old Japanese man, has built a successful career by renting himself out to do nothing. For some reason, he is getting tons of requests from people who just want him by their side.

In two years, Shoji Morimoto has gone from being an unemployed middle-aged man, to a minor celebrity, with over 270,000 Twitter followers, appearances on national television, interviews in magazines, and even his own books on Amazon.  What’s really shocking is that Shoji has built his success on a service that requires him to basically do nothing but meet random people, listen to their stories or just physically be there for them. He lets the strangers who rent him out know beforehand that he can do nothing but eat, drink and hang around.

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