I first introduced you to Cesar Ash about 2 years ago after the release of the first 2 singles, “She’s The Danger” and  “Running In Circles.”
I was excited to hear there’s a 3rd single, “From The Old School!”
Due to the time difference, it was a little hard to set up an interview, but I sent Cesar some questions, and he told me more about this single, his band, and his background!
He’s been making music for about 12 or 13 years!  He got his start playing piano at age 10, but within 5 years switched over to guitar.   He currently resides in Venezuela, and has always wanted to get his music heard throughout the world.
The first 2 videos were made by a very good friend of his and very talented director named Gustavo Cohen, but for this one, Cesar and his drummer, Oscar Guedez did everything on their own!
Cesar says making music and releasing new material during a pandemic is very challenging, but not impossible.  He said you just need drive, determination, and of course, people to believe in you!  With every new song release, his fan base is growing.
On a personal note, Cesar and I met through a Rush fan group (#RushFamily) on Twitter, and I’ve enjoyed listening to everything he’s released, and I’m sure you will, too!   Please give him a follow on social media, and always support passionate artists that are grateful for their fans and enjoy making new music!

César Ash G: @CGProject_
Oscar Guedez: @Oscarguedezdrums


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