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(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is being slammed by critics and New Yorkers who claim it looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The holiday fir has droopy and thin branches in certain places. An owl was found in the tree. It stowed away and traveled 170 miles from its home in upstate New York. The bird has been turned over to a wildlife rescue center

Rockefeller Center tweeted on behalf of the tree: “Wow, you all must look great right after a two-day drive, huh? Just wait until I get my lights on!”

The Internet reacts ….

“Could the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree look any worse? 2020 on brand”

“In 2020, we all get the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and that’s just how it is.”

“In true 2020 form, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree looks like it tried to cut its own hair”

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