(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It’s true that kids say the darndest things. The HuffPost Parents Facebook community was asked to share funny names kids give everyday things and here are some of the funniest ones. 

  • “My daughter called a head of lettuce a ‘salad ball,’ and that’s forever what we call it.” ― Darcie Johnson Bane
  • “My son calls the ottoman an ‘abdomen.’ It’s really funny when he goes to other people’s homes and says, ‘Can I put my feet on your abdomen?’” ― Amanda Rodriguez
  • “A boy I babysat called lasagna ‘spaghetti cake.’” ― Allison Kennedy
  • “When my now 9-year-old son was little, he always called bras ‘boobie pants.’ Walking through the underwear section of shops with him was always a fun experience with him yelling it at the top of his voice, as it made him laugh.” ― Emma Williams
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