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Meghan Markle is trying to get a video removed from the Internet. ”The Ultimate Guy’s Girl” was shot by Men’s Health magazine in 2013. It shows Megan seductively grilling burgers while placing her fingers in her mouth and biting her lip.  She made it during a time when she was climbing the Hollywood ladder.

Tom Cruise is allegedly concerned about what Cher is going to say in her new memoir about their past relationship. Back in the 80’s  they hooked up. It was very hot, very intense, and over in a matter of weeks. Cher has some explosive secrets and intimate details.

Cheryl Burke injured her head in a fall while rehearsing for ‘Dancing With the Stars.’  She and AJ MacLean both hit the floor.

Dwayne Johnson suffered a bloody face injury while working out. Dwayne threw around my 50lb chains for a drop set  and got “lumped up” and need stitches.

Adam Sandler is going to star in a new Netflix movie called “The Spaceman of Bohemia”. He will play an astronaut who’s sent to the edge of the galaxy to collect mysterious ancient dust.

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