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The New Jersey Forest Fire Service deployed three fire engines, one support vehicle, along with 10 additional firefighters to California on September 12,

California is in need of major assistance with the historic wildfires taking place across the state which has burned 3.3 million acres in 2020.

“This crew, when you say it’s only 10 firefighters and four vehicles, they’re joining 14,000 firefighters that are on the line right now,” State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan said. “They’ve lost over 3,900 structures out there and I know whether it was California in the wake of Superstorm Sandy sending staff or sending us ventilators back in the spring, it’s just this community of ever-evolving mutual aid.”

CNN reported that at least 35 people have died in the West Coast wildfires and the “record breaking temperatures and a lack of rain have only exacerbated conditions.”