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Amy Schumer has revealed to fans that she has Lyme disease. She lightheartedly broke the news on social media and asked for any advice that could help her.

She wrote, “My first ever fishing pole. Anyone get LYME this summer? I got it and I’m on doxycycline. I have maybe had it for years. Any advice? Can you have a glass of wine or 2 on it?”

She added, “I know to stay out of the sun. I’m also taking these herbs from cape cod called lyme-2. Please comment or text me on my number in my bio. I also want to say that I feel good and am excited to get rid of it.”

Many fans gave the actress advice on living with the illness, including recommending doctors and treatment options. One wrote, “Bee venom therapy! It works!” Another said, “Alcohol makes it less effective… and also avoid iron and multivitamins within two hours of taking the doxycycline!”

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