Blanco Brown is in the ICU following a head-on collision that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday night (August 31).

The country artist well-known for his 2019 track “The Git Up” suffered significant injuries. Brown has since undergone a 12-hour surgery to address the traumas.

The 35-year-old’s #TheGitUpChallenge went viral on Tik Tok last year while showcasing a combination of country and trap music.

The statement from Brown’s label, BBR Music Group:

“BBR Music Group’s beloved Blanco Brown, the artist behind 2019’s worldwide viral smash “The Git Up” and current hit “Just The Way” was involved in a head-on collision Monday night near his home in Atlanta, Ga. The accomplished writer, vocalist and Grammy-nominated producer suffered significant injuries and was transported to a local hospital where he underwent a 12-hour surgery to address those traumas. Additional surgeries are expected as he currently rests in the ICU. Blanco, his family and his friends ask for your prayers during this time.”

The Git up Dance Challenge Tik Tok 2019 #thegitupchallenge #litdance

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