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BLACKPINK’s long-awaited duet with Selena Gomez is here. The girls have come together for a new song, “Ice Cream.”

Before releasing the tune, Selena and the K-pop group virtually chatted with each other about the collaboration. In a teaser on Instagram, BLACKPINK member Rose said, “We’re really glad that you’re on it because we’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time.” Selena added, “I’m so stoked. I’ve been a fan of you guys, so this is a big, big dream for me, and I can’t wait.”

Per E! News, In honor of the collab, Selena has partnered with Serendipity to create her very own pint of ice cream. “Cookies & Cream Remix, as Selena dubbed it, features pink vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl and cream-filled cookie pieces.”

BLACKPINK’s debut studio album is out Oct. 2. Watch the “Ice Cream” video below.


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