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Demi Lovato celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday, and she went on social media to share the one thing she wanted for the big day: For there to be justice for Breonna Taylor.

She posted a message that said, “Today is my 28th birthday… A birthday that Breonna Taylor will never have the opportunity to experience. I’ve launched a special Propeller campaign in Breonna’s honor that includes prewritten letters to the Louisville mayor and chief of police, petition links, and donation links. No matter how big or small you think your impact may be, if we all stand together we can help bring justice for Breonna Taylor.”

The message lastly says, “Start Taking Action Now.”

On the Propeller website, there are ways for Demi’s fans to gather “experience points” for every action taken. Points can be exchanged for chances to win pieces from Lovato’s wardrobe, including a jacket she wore on tour in 2014.

Demi speaks more about her Propeller campaign in the video below.

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