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The fight for Britney’s financial freedom continues. TMZ is reporting that the singer no longer wants her dad to be her sole conservator.

They state, “Britney’s court-appointed attorney just filed new court docs spelling out Britney’s wishes — she wants Jamie Spears out as sole conservator over her estate and appears to want the woman who has been calling the shots to be the permanent conservator over her regular person.”

That person is Jodi Montgomery, who has been looking over Britney for almost a year.

The outlet points out that Britney doesn’t want Jamie, her dad, to be the only one handling her estate anymore. Instead, the singer wants a “qualified corporate fiduciary” to manage all business affairs of her estate.

TMZ lastly adds that documents confirm that Britney no longer wants to perform.

There will be a hearing on the matter tomorrow (August 19).

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