Coronavirus Information Center

According to reports, Americans might get the coronavirus vaccines for free. Per the New York Post, “The US government plans to pick up the tab for the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses that pharmaceutical firms are racing to produce. The feds are also reportedly talking with insurance companies to make sure patients can get the shots without forking over a copay.”

They add that this deal to eliminate payments  “would follow a commitment from the industry to cover coronavirus testing and treatment at no cost to patients, according to America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group.”

Unfortunately, not every American would get the vaccine right away. There will be a priority list where people like healthcare workers, seniors, and citizens with high-risk chronic illnesses will get the vaccine first.

Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health director, said in a statement, “We are going to be in a better place than anybody almost ever has been with a new vaccine where you already have a lot of doses, but you still have to be thoughtful about how to choose the priorities in the first few months, until we can immunize everybody.”

They hope to vaccinate 300 million people by January.