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(Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

57% of mask wearers say it’s made them more aware of their own bad breath (aka dragon breath).

3000 people were surveyed by soap makers Dr. Squatch, and it found that 81% think that someone else’s bad breath is a turn off. Does this mean 19% are turned ON by bad breathe? I don’t know. Also, 22% said that bad breath led to a break up and 75% avoid kissing their partner because of stinky breath.

More than 50% are worried about their own breath and 41% are concerned other will see them as unattractive because of their breath.

Now here’s some fun facts: 35% don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and 10% say they don’t brush at least once a day! WHAT?

Dentists also have a new issue to deal with, mask mouth. Patients who normally have healthy gums and teeth, are getting cavities and inflamed gums from wearing masks regularly.

Just something else to add to the #2020 list.