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Although it’s not deleting the “Are you still watching” question, Netflix is making another valuable adjustment to its platform. According to The Verge, they will now allow users to remove titles from their “continue watching” row. That way, that random documentary you never finished won’t continue to haunt you.

The outlet explains that the new “remove from row” feature will give users more control over their homepage. “The ‘continue watching’ row is one of the most prominent, appearing at the top of the homepage. This makes it easy to jump back into a TV show that someone might be making their way through, or pick right back up where they left off.”

They add, “The annoying thing, however, is that if someone is no longer interested in watching a movie or a TV show, the title doesn’t disappear from the row.” Now, people can access the “remove from row” by clicking directly on the title they want gone.

Unfortunately, the “remove from row” is currently only available to Android mobile users. Netflix plans on adding the feature on iOS devices on June 29th.