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Cameo is a popular app that charges people to receive pre-recorded personalized messages from celebrities. Since people are at home social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, the company is offering Zoom calls with stars.

Per Decider, prices range depending on the celeb: Perez Hilton charges $225, Vicki Ginvalson costs $300, and chatting with Brett Farve is $5,000. As expected, the service is getting a lot of attention. Not because of how peculiar it is, though, but because of  Jeremy Piven.

The price tag to chat on Zoom with the Entourage star: $15,000 for ten minutes. Of course, Twitter is having a field day over this. One user wrote, “I literally wouldn’t talk to Jeremy Piven for free.” Another added, “Who the hell would pay $15,000 to talk to Jeremy Piven? Find me that person!”

See some of the tweets below.

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