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Chrissy Teigen announced she was taking a break from Twitter after her drama earlier this week with chef Alison Roman, but she is back, showing off her new family pet.

The model went on social media to reveal the new bearded dragon she got for her son’s birthday. “Yes I am now a proud bearded dragon owner! he is very little right now – I got him for Miles’ birthday but I know we will share a lifetime of happiness and cuddles (well his lifetime) (maybe mine at this stress rate),” she wrote on Twitter.”

She then posted pictures of both her children with the new pet. “welcome to the family, bearded dragon without a name! we are gonna take good good care of you with many cuddles and lots of love.”

In earlier tweets, she explained that she DM-ed Nicole Ritchie for advice about owning the reptile. She also asked followers for their experiences with the animal, and was flooded with photos and stories. One fan wrote, “I cannot recommend getting one enough! Easily one of the best pets, and they have incredible personalities. Mine loved to snuggle and to swim. Absolutely you should get one!” Another added, “They are great, you can get tiny cowboy hats for them.”